The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up

Hello there! I'm Fabio, a seasoned software engineer with over a decade of experience in creating dynamic web applications that transform ideas into reality. I'm passionate about crafting high-quality code and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Frontend Wizardry

Harnessing the power of ReactJS, VueJS, and Svelte, I create captivating user interfaces that captivate users and drive engagement. With expertise in TypeScript, JavaScript, and popular UI libraries like AntD, React Bootstrap, and Bootstrap Vue, I deliver intuitive and visually stunning web experiences.

Backend Mastery

Leveraging the prowess of Node.js, Express.js, and Hapi.js, I architect scalable and efficient backend systems that handle the demands of your startup's growth. Proficient in PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and cutting-edge frameworks like Nest.js, Symfony, and CodeIgniter, I ensure seamless data management and optimal performance.

From Databases to Deployment

With hands-on experience in diverse database technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, and message queues like RabbitMQ and Mosquitto, I enable seamless data storage, retrieval, and communication. Furthermore, my expertise in Docker, AWS ensures smooth deployment and scalability, meeting your startup's ever-evolving needs.